Earn Points


Used by 20,000 travelers across the world, Universal Points rewards you by giving you 5% cashback for your stay at The Spot as well as 130+ boutique hotels across the world. Register now before your arrival at the hotel in order to qualify for the reward.

terms & conditions:
– Registration is Free and hassle-free
– Cashback is given after 30 days of your check-out date
– Rewards applicable for direct booking only (phone, e-mail, or through our booking engine)
– The email used to register and making reservation has to be the same
– In order to be eligible for the 5% cashback, registration has to be done prior to checking in
– Eligible cash is obtained from the total bill (minus 21% government tax and services).
– Guests that sign up for the Universal Points during the stay will only be eligible for the cashback on laundry, restaurant and airport transfer bills.

Questions? please e-mail us at thespot@tpmhospitality.com